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Branded Games

What are Branded Games?
Branded Games offer your brand a fun way to enhance your brand perception and ensure customer loyalty. Brand recall and customer engagement are greatly enhanced if they can take advantage of the enormous popularity of online gaming.

The goal behind branded games is to deliver a gaming experience that is both familiar and unique, and which seamlessly integrates with your brand.

Why Branded Games?
Mobile / web gaming is cost-effective, can support tremendous reach and scale, and has proven to be an ideal way to drive brand engagement, message and brand awareness, and positive brand association.

Your brand can build a community, loyalty and an opportunity to have a continual relationship with your audience. You get an existing fan base to grow from, meaning a lower cost of acquisition than when launching something new.

Social gaming offers ample opportunities for users to play games, particularly on massive user base communities like Facebook. In 2013, around two hundred fifty million users were playing various games like Farmville on the social network or something similar. Can your brand afford to ignore this market?

Why Tekno Point?
Tekno Point creates games playable on all web browsers, besides Facebook, iOS & Android devices. We offer rapid development and deployment times, detailed analytics included to help better understand your audience. We can create an array of contests, tournaments, etc., to help boost the brand.

We provide game marketing solutions designed to captivate targeted audiences. Our game solutions provide a means for brands to reach existing and prospective customers through an array of engagement models.

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