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eLearning Content

What is eLearning Content?
eLearning is the art of delivering instruction, training and education via digital media. Highly engaging eLearning content means that traditional training modules can be delivered simply, yet effectively; on a global scale. The biggest problem that faces eLearning delivery methods is the lack of physical contact between the instructor and the learner. However, the actual limitations of online education are being overcome by the creation of highly engaging teaching methods that include animation and video for the explanation of abstract concepts.

Why eLearning Content?
Do you still conduct classroom-based instruction for your employees? Do you train using Slides / Blackboard / Whiteboard and have physical trainers? It’s time you woke up to the advantages offered by eLearning – scalable, budget-friendly and consistent! The biggest advantage is the ability for people to take training remotely and at their own pace. Another big advantage is the cost friendliness.

Your Training needs of Induction, Product Training, Process Training, Vendor Management Training, Supply Chain Management Training; or for that matter any other training that you would like to conduct, internally or externally, can be converted into eLearning modules.

Why Tekno Point?
As any other type of learning, the quality of eLearning is directly related to its content & delivery. Since eLearning does not require physical classroom attendance, we at Tekno Point add the power of Multimedia to develop eLearning content in the most effective manner.

Depending upon the learning requirements, we include text, images, audios, videos, animations & interactions thus making the subject matter rich in experience and thereby vastly more effective.

Tekno Point has spent many years delivering eLearning modules for its various customers. Tekno Point also has a foundation in training and this helps in being able to vary content types to enhance user interest; technological prowess to deliver content across a wide variety of devices.

Highly engaging eLearning content from Tekno Point offer tangible benefits such as measurable engagement and testing, animated presentation and delivery of abstract concepts and lower engagement costs; resulting in cost-effectiveness for Tekno Point clients.

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