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What are eMailers?
You may have already seen professional looking eMailers landing in your inbox. These have effectively written content, neat graphics that download from the web, and provide an effective way to communicate ideas, concepts and more. These can also be used to promote products, and click through for conversion to sales. eMailers need to be specifically designed to work across multiple devices – from computers to tablets to mobiles. Professionally designed eMailers can redefine your business and sales communication!

Why eMailers?
Over the years, email has become the most common method of business communication. It is also regarded as legal communication and can be used very effectively to make offers, update with news, engage with target community and arouse curiosity. For example, India’s top online Retailers, target their registered users with sale information, deals and so called exclusive coupons, via slickly styled eMailers, on a daily basis. These eMailers offer ways to engage with their recipients, including quick links to forward to friends, links to websites and to other social media available online.

Why Tekno Point?
Tekno Point is an Interactive Services House that has deep understanding of how communication via various media reaches customers. Tekno Point builds applications for the various delivery platforms and understands the nuances of how eMailers need to scale to optimize viewing on different sized screens. Tekno Point is a master of the various technologies used to deliver rich, appealing emails, using the fine art of leaving bandwidth-consuming media on the server and only delivering the textual content for the first load.

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