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Mobile Apps

What are Mobile Apps?
Mobile Apps can be used to bring all kinds of wonderful functionality to your palm, effectively replacing the desktop computer for most users. From sending and receiving mails to creating and editing documents, and from clicking, editing and modifying high-resolution photographs to modifying pretty much every aspect of the basic phone functionality, Mobile Apps number in the millions, and yet, there’s room for more. Mobile Apps are available for every single mobile platform, and there are many.

Why Mobile Apps?
The hottest growing computing platform in the world today is handheld / mobile devices. Never far from the consumer, it brings a world of entertainment, gaming, information, education, utility, specialised tools and much more to a single device. Mobile Apps are also a highly effective way of reaching out to your target audience, and in a way that travels everywhere they go! This has far-reaching advantages over traditional advertising media such as print, newspapers, radio and television.

Why Tekno Point?
To build an App that works seamlessly across platforms including Apple, Android, and Windows, and yet provide an engaging user experience despite different device sizes, you need a Mobile App Creator that understands every nuance of app development.

We at Tekno Point understand the myriad platforms and delivery methods for Mobile Apps. We’ve worked with launching apps on the global app stores. We can work on your Mobile App from concept to delivery and app store launch.

Cross platform and using core technologies, the apps created by us have simplified processes, saved / modified and mailed documents (thus reducing carbon footprints, trees and thus the environment), provided engaging gaming and educational experiences.

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