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Multimedia Presentations

What are Multimedia Presentations?
Multimedia Presentations represent the convergence of text, images, video and audio into a single form. The power of multimedia and the Internet lies in the way in which information is linked. Multimedia requires clear, crisp content, illustrative graphics and animation and effective communication of ideas, offering greater benefit than traditional presentations done with slides.

Multimedia Presentations are a very effective, multi-purpose communication tool to earn attention and drive your message into the hearts and minds of prospects and customers. These presentations have high recall value and vastly longer shelf life. These presentations are hugely cheaper than the print medium.

Why Multimedia Presentations?
Communication research has shown that the combination of communication modes (aural and visual) offers greater understanding and retention of information.

User attention spans typically don’t last long. In order to present a vast body of information or complex / abstract ideas, it helps considerably if the content is “treated” using audio, video, animation or graphics. Text has to be concise and to the point, in order to not let audience attention wander.

Typical elements of a Multimedia Presentation that grab audience attention are: videos or movie clips, animation, audio (voice-overs, background music or sound clips), and navigation structure. Further, Multimedia Presentations can be linear or non-linear, and be navigable by users of the presentation. This enhances understanding and recall.

Why Tekno Point?
We at Tekno Point, create Multimedia Presentations than can dramatize your product truths. We make use of typography, images, music, voice, animations and videos to present comprehensive (and often incomprehensible / dull) data in an interactive & engaging way. We create sequences of rich presentation content that deliver stunning results.

We create Corporate Presentations, Marketing & Sales Presentations, HR Presentations, Educational Presentations, Product Simulations or Concept Presentations in linear or interactive formats. If you have the content ready, we can convert it into intuitive, engaging & rich presentation.

Your audience will be spellbound by our multimedia messages!

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