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Rich Media Banners

What are Rich Media Banners?
Rich media banners are Banners that “interact” or “do something” when you click or roll your mouse over them. From playing audio or video to expanding or selectable dropdowns or other input types, rich media banners offer a multimedia experience to their users. These banners are engaging: inviting the user to play a game, navigate through different “pages”, turn the sound on/off, select an item, pause the video and so on – these can have a hugely entertaining difference from conventional banner advertising as they encourage users to interact with them, and then deliver a message very effectively.

Why Rich Media Banners?
When was the last time you looked at an advertisement on the web and even clicked it? Advertising has now become so common place, that visitors simply take them for granted, and so advertisers are using Rich Media Banners to effectively attract attention, stand apart from the clutter of conventional advertising and most importantly, find ways to deliver their message in an entertaining and engaging manner.

Why Tekno Point?
Tekno Point offers the seasoned expertise of a team of specialists who have been creating Rich Media Banners for a host of advertising agencies and creative houses. Being in the business of creating advertising media and campaign media for many clients over the years, Tekno Point creates and delivers Rich Media Banners that are attention grabbing, eye catching and wholly interactive.
We build visually engaging, interaction enhancing and effective means of advertising and promotions via our Rich Media Banners.

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