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Web Apps

What are Web Apps?
Web Apps are applications that can be accessed using a web browser. Web Apps use a combination of thin client (browser) and the master software (sitting on a server) to ensure that the same software does not need to be installed on every computer in a network. Updates, feature extension and system upgrades are thus required only on the server.

Why Web Apps?
Scalability: One computer or a thousand: Web browsers are free and upgrades are too.

Access: Browsers exist on most computers worldwide.

Simplicity: Complex ERP systems and giant number-crunching Analytical systems today have one thing in common – a need to be browser based so that users of the system can log in from anywhere – home, office or globally, on multiple devices – computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Many Web Apps today mimic the functionality and capabilities of full-featured expensive applications. Application specific methods such as drawing, audio, video, keyboard and mouse access are all possible within the web browser.

Why Tekno Point?
We have been at the forefront of emerging technologies for over 13 years. We have helped spec out Web Apps, suggest appropriate technologies, implement development strategies and deliver apps that simply…work!

Tekno Point has experts that work & consult on emerging and established technologies such as Flash, Flex, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, .Net, PHP and others.

Tekno Point offers vast experience in building web based applications that far exceed the capabilities of the software they are based on, creating feature-rich experiences that revolutionise document management, publishing workflows, advertising, marketing, CRM and many more verticals.

If you need a Web App to be created, modified or deployed, we can do it.

Interested? Contact us today!

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