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WordPress Websites

What are WordPress Websites?
Your website was created some time ago. No updates have happened in a while. You do want to update it, but it’s a pain to chase your web designer / developer / web master. They simply don’t understand the point that a static, out of date website simply isn’t bringing business to you. You have a presence, sure, but it is so dated that it does not reflect what’s happening in your company, or the new products and services that you have to offer. Enter WordPress. WordPress puts the power of updates, new content ranging from textual content, images, videos and more… in your hands! That’s right! Updateable from anywhere that you have a web browser and an Internet connection, you can make changes to your website, with no technical knowledge needed. WordPress started out as blogging technology, but is today used to create dynamic websites that can pretty much do anything… from Corporate profiles, to Interactive portfolios, and from Showcase directories to full-fledged applications.

Why WordPress Websites?
WordPress is THE leading free Content Management System in the world today, with over 6 million users; or 17% of the Internet. It is also the simplest tool available for Users (this means you) to update and publish their content, themselves! WordPress combines amazing simplicity for you – the content publisher; with the flexibility of an advanced programmability for developers. This gives it advanced features coupled with simple update capabilities.

Why Tekno Point?
Tekno Point understand that website features & functionalities differ from person to person, and from organization to organization, hence we offer complete WordPress customization including porting of existing websites onto the WordPress platform. We can start with the basic framework of WordPress and then build it into a robust, feature-rich web application – using customized Themes, Plugins and Widgets. We can also create powerful Custom Post Types to facilitate management of every piece of content that is visible in the front end: including background graphics, inline page graphics, inline text components, image slideshows / galleries, service details, product details, news, events, testimonials, clientele, blog posts, etc.

We make extensive use of HTML5, Javascript, jQuery & Ajax and a great deal of custom PHP wizardry in the backend that adds up to a great looking website that leaves even advanced tech visitors wondering what technology was used to create it.

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